Yoona Love Rain Feast

Yoona with a table of food when filming drama series Love Rain in 2012 (c). Not sure if it’s part of the shots or just a snack break, looks a bit luxurious if it’s the later case.

SNSD Yoona Love Rain food

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Another Instagram, Another Starbucks

Stephanie’s Instagram update (141121). She’s doing too many free promotions for Starbucks, the coffee house should make her a royalty and give unlimited free drinks in return.

SNSD Stephanie Starbucks coffee selca


Jessica taking a sip at a fan meeting event for cosmetics brand Banila co. in February 2013. Cr: Pabian.

SNSD Jessica straw and drink

SNSD Healing Camp Noodles Time

Girls’ Generation on chat show Healing Camp in March 2014, which included a food session where the host would cook ramyeon for the guests. Not sure if the show is still doing this; there were a period of time when it’s a craze to watch pretty people eating online/ontv. We are obviously still carrying on ^.^

The feast starts at 3:20. At 5:20 the director told the girls that the segment had ended, but a few of them couldn’t stop eating (no, it’s not the two shikshin) when the stylist came in to fix their look.